Join the Guilty Party!


Wideload's newest game, Guilty Party, shipped on August 31 in the USA.  This family mystery game for the Nintendo Wii is one of Wideload's most impressive works yet.  But don't take our word for it - here's what some of the critics are saying.
Slant Magazine
"'s a great experience, and a promising new path for family games, and it's exciting to see a family game where story and aesthetics get the same level of attention that you would expect of a good movie."
"Where Disney Guilty Party shines is in the mystery elements—not so much the actual assembling of clues, which is fairly automatic, but the style with which the mystery is presented. The writing is genuinely funny (and delivered by a veritable who's-who of great character actors), the animation is charming, and the art design is flat-out beautiful."
"...Wideload Games has created an interactive version of a family movie—the perfect fusion of playing a good board game and watching a favorite cartoon. The story and characters pull you in and the interaction keeps people involved, with a healthy dose of thinking alongside the reflex tests. Disney Guilty Party may be the best family-night toy since the Wii itself."
"It's rare to see a videogame take the core concepts found in board games and make it feel wholly original to the platform it's on.  Luckily, I found something in that vein out in the wild, and it goes by the name of Guilty Party."
"What sets Guilty Party in the realm of awesomeness is it's predilection towards being a cooperative experience.  The majority of our play time consisted of my family gathering clues together and brain storming to figure out "whodunit?""
"I really hope that Disney takes advantage of the fact that their name was slapped on this puppy; a animated show with the Dickens Family Detective Agency would be pretty boss.  What's interesting is that, like Phineas and Pherb before it, Guilty Party features a non-traditional family as the heroes.  Being that my family is of that same vein, it's nice to see someone not villanize these stigmas.  The characters are inventive, the writing is witty and the presentation on a whole is pretty high class."
"DAD: If they made this into a cartoon, would you watch it?
KID:  yes."
Stars and Stripes
"It’s no mystery that the names Disney and Wii are known for family fun.
However, “Guilty Party” from Disney Interactive Studios delivers plenty of mystery — as well as a good dose of fun — for the Wii."
"Overall, the game’s easy-to-grasp game play, light competition and silly humor make it an ideal game for the family. Plus, my wife loves it, so it definitely gets some bonus points."
USA Today
"Disney has tapped into its expertise in storytelling to create this robust mystery game filled with quirky, hilarious characters."
"Party Mode can be explored alone or with others in both a cooperative or a competitive mode. The replayability in very high, since the mysteries are always changing."
"This is a really fun game to play as a family. Disney has done a great job of allowing each player to set his or her own difficulty level so that the minigames meet each player's level of expertise. And they adjust in difficulty as you go."
Destructoid (an 8.5/10 rating)
"With a shocking amount of replay value, polished presentation, and plenty of character, Guilty Party may be the one “party” game you’ll want to add to your collection this year."
"Wideload has to be complemented for creating a new intellectual property with some serious character and style.... it’s polished to a shine, with some hilarious dialogue and clever design throughout."
"...quirky personality and replay value make Guilty Party one of the best multiplayer party games to hit the Wii.  If you regularly play games with your family or friends, Wideload’s “whodunit” shouldn’t be missed."
"It's a true family game with high production values, great gameplay, and characters that really can appeal to gamers of all ages."
"All of the characters are brand new, but they already seem to fit perfectly in the larger Disney universe. The Dickens family is most reminiscent of the Incredibles, but they have their own unique traits that set them apart. Great voice acting completes the package and really brings the characters to life. The game also has a nice sense of humor, with a Pixar-like quality where there are plenty of jokes for the adults as well as the kids."
"’s one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played on the Wii."
"Guilty Party draws you in with its infectious theme song, offbeat sense of humor, and oddball cast of characters."
"The presentation, while appealing to a younger demographic, has plenty of material for an older crowd and the developer does a great job of balancing the game for entire families to play."
"Despite the precedent set by party games of past, Guilty Party seems to buck the trend and deliver a genuinely entertaining experience; especially for families gathered around the Wii. I can see this type of game being played after Thanksgiving dinner with the family, the same type of family that digs into board games after stuffing themselves with delicious turkey."
"If you’re a fan of board games or enjoy gathering people around the TV to play together, Guilty Party will have you scouring for evidence and unmasking crooks for weeks."
Nintendo World Report
"With so many party games aimed at families and casual players being released on the Wii, there is a need to create family-friendly games with a unique aesthetic. Disney's Guilty Party is highly successful in this regard. Developed by Wideload Games, Guilty Party takes the best of mystery board games and party games to create a multiplayer experience that succeeds at being accessible to everyone."
"Despite some over-the-top, classic cartoon antics and silliness, Guilty Party is highly enjoyable in its endeavors thanks to a storyline that doesn't take itself seriously and the likable characters that help develop it."
"Guilty Party is very ingenious in its gameplay design. It is very easy to learn while not sacrificing challenge for the sake of a family-friendly game."
"Guilty Party looks very remarkable, borrowing a cartoon style seen in films like Pixar's The Incredibles. Its characters are bright, colorful, and expressive, with some designs being quite clever and memorable."
"The game has good voice acting that features the same kind of cartoony performance you would expect from a Disney product. The music has some very jazzy instrumentals in addition to a catchy theme song that plays at the beginning of the game."
"Of course, it being a Disney title, the characters are super stylized, likable, and downright funny."
"Everyone is wonderfully well-written and the voice acting is genuinely hilarious, a welcome break from the generic avatars in just about every other party game ever."
"Despite the obvious love and care that went into the presentation of the game, the real selling point is the mystery solving itself...some of the most satisfying "AH-HA!" moments I've experienced in gaming."
Game Revolution
"...Guilty Party is proof that you can turn a board game, a detective story, and mini-games - if just by combining them all together - into a title that doesn't incite collective yawns. The industry needs more titles like this, not only to convince parents and kids, but also to convince developers that educational, 'E' for Everyone games can actually be fun. And Disney, once again, is leading the charge."
"Wideload Games has put together a fun “whodunit” mystery board game with a lot of style, humor and charm."
"All of the voice acting is top-notch and serves to enhance the overall presentation of the game rather than ruin it, which has been a trend for voice acting in games as of late. There is really nothing bad to say about the graphics of Disney Guilty Party either. Character models and environments are all highly polished and stylized in a way that has just enough of a cartoon twist so that it manages to say “Disney” without saying “this is a game for pre-schoolers”."
"Solid and intuitive gameplay, a diverse multiplayer mode, and well-produced graphics and sound make Disney Guilty Party a good game."
Nintendo Okie
" of the most fun party experiences to come along in a while."
"Solid, engaging gameplay...Endless replayability...Fun for any age."
"From the moment the game boots up you’re presented with some of the best presentation I’ve seen in a game for a while. The opening theme is catchy and will get stuck in your head for days to come."
"It feels like the developers knew the game was going to be a crazy, fun ride and went with it 100%.  Because of that everything feels completely in place and it works to bring together the perfect Disney style detective story."
"You’re going to find yourself laughing at the funny dialogue and almost wishing the Disney Channel would take this and make it a Saturday Morning series."
News10 Game Guys
"To put it simply: If you're a fan of Clue (and really, who isn't?), then you're a fan of Guilty Party -- you just don't know it yet."
"True to Disney form, Mr. Valentine is cartoonishly sinister and could easly be added to the company's stellar lineup of Disney villains. As for the eight protagonists, they're also up to Disney standards with each having their own distinct personality."
"Considering Guilty Party forgoes any licensed characters, developer Wideload has carefully crafted a game worthy of the Disney moniker in the title. Each of the game's seven characters offers a distinctive personality articulated by the game's cinemas as well as the sporadic  (and overused) sound bite. The game's antagonist Mr. Valentine recalls classic Disney villains- he's cartoonish enough to not stir fright, yet still undeniably sinister." 
"Kudos must be given to the game's title song, which abstains from the typical electronic touches to offer a catchy, vocalized ditty. "
"Guilty Party is one of those exceptional diversions, which exhibited the capacity to enthrall a thirty-something male just as much as my twelve and six year-old nieces."
"Wii-owning households are encouraged to bask in the title's charms."
"With a few more well-polished crowd-pleasers like Guilty Party, Disney Interactive Studios success will refuse to remain a mystery."
College News
"Like Clue, but more awesome."
"Guilty Party combines the best of three worlds: mini games, board games and mystery solving."
"...a gaming experience that’s vastly superior to playing Clue..."
"Guilty Party might look like a game designed exclusively for kids, but like Disney films, it’s actually a great title for the whole family. Kids will love the game’s cartoonish graphics and lighthearted humor, and older gamers will appreciate the mystery solving aspect."
"Guilty Party is a party game, yes, but it’s a hundred times more creative than anything any other party game has dared to do recently."
"Here's what might you might get if the board game Clue mated with a Pixar movie."
"The game looks great, plays great and, most pleasantly, has really wonderful writing. It's genuinely funny."
Kansas City Star
""Guilty Party" does what it does quite well, with mysteries that are the right mix of quick, challenging and accessible and with minigames that change the pace of the action without ever being the focus of that action."
"The character designs are terrific, and the game handles deception spotlessly by giving players the tools to use it and letting them take it from there. Tallied up, it's an enviably good party game for a system that's overloaded with wannabes. Give it a look if you have friends to play with, and find some friends to play with if you don't."
"Guilty Party is best described as a mix between a classic Disney story and the board game/movie Clue."
"Guilty Party is a fun, engaging and quirky experience that both families and Disney fans shouldn't miss out on. With a silly story featuring some very fun characters, a very well designed gameplay system and many modes of plays, Guilty Party is one mystery that shouldn't go unsolved."
"Guilty Party is tied together by a surprisingly sweet little narrative, that is at times clever, and at others a little more adult than I would expect out of Disney. The voice acting is pretty awesome across the board, and the writing helps support this."
"Though a game with the Disney brand attached to it wasn’t the most appealing package to me out the gate, Wideload Games delivered a title that more than lives up to its “party” moniker. The fun inherent in playing this game with others was one of the biggest gaming surprises for me this year, and means that I’ll definitely be paying attention to Wideload for whatever they decide to do next."